Affonso, Albert
Appleyard, Robert
Arnold, Sondra

Bahry, Luke
Booth, Matthew
Borges, Michelle
Brodeur, Melissa   
Brown, William

Cabral, Cynthia
Camara, Taryn
Chapin, Sarah
Charest, Marc
Chilabato, Patrick
Cohen, Jesse
Crumley, Laurie
Cunha, Steven

David, Jerry
Davis, Judith
Dias, Tricia
Doherty, Margaret
Donegan, Kathy

Fitta, Patricia
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Jill
Fox, Charles

Garcia, Salvador
Giarrusso, Shana
Graca, Karen
Grande, Benjamin
Grande, Rachel
Griffith, Maria
Hague, Meghan 


Hicks Rosow, Rebecca

Javier, Sarah

Koy, Ralph
Laprise, Nicole
Latinville, Jill
Laurianno, Corinne
Lawrence, Leonora
Lepage, Joyce
Lonewolf, A

Marsella, Michelle
Martin, Joshua
Martin, Lisa
Medeiros, Philip
Medeiros, Valerie
Mello, Dorothy
Michael, Joseph
Michels, Allyson
Michon, Keith
Montle, Cathy
Morris, Katherine
Mullarky, Andrea
Muratori, Jill

Ollivierre, Alex
Pavao, Colleen
Pistoor, Cassie
Pompetti, Jennifer
Pontes, Heidi
Pontes, Maria
Puopolo, Sharon

Quinlan, Katelyn

Rego, Marcia
Rezendes, Jennifer
Richard, Christopher

Saccoccia, Alyson
Sakell, Matthew
Silva, John
Silva, Matthew
Silva, Trinough
Soares, Nancy
Soares, Stephen
Souza, Jason
Souza, Penny
St Pierre, Barbara
St. Yves, Wendy
Sullivan, Caitlin
Sullivan, Sandra
Synan, Edward

Tavares-Melo, Dianne
Thornton, Michael
Torres, Donna
Treloar, Jay
Tully, Meaghan

Whipp, David
Williams, Laurenn
Wood, Anna







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11/23 & 24/2017
 Thanksgiving Recess
District Early Release Day
Lunch will be served
12/25/17 – 1/1/2018
Christmas – New Year Recess
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Observance
Professional Development – No School for Students
2/19 – 25/2018
Winter Recess
District Early Release Day
Lunch will be served
Good Friday
District Early Release Day
Lunch will be served
4/16 – 22/2018
Spring Recess
Memorial Day