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Kuss Kids Explore Bones Using Their Brains!
The students in Mr. Charest's class have been working on the Unit "Systems in Living Things" Standard #6: Identifying the major systems of the human body (with a focus on the brain and skeletal system).  Students were asked to (1) learned about the Brain and complete a Diagram of the parts, then create a replica brain out of colored clay, (2) Use egg cartons, foam pieces and pipe cleaners to build a human spine and label the Vertebrae, Discs and Cord, (some students chose clay to make a spine) and (3) students were asked to write out the different body functions associated with each portion of our brain and also which body functions are associated with certain bones of our skeletal system.
It was a fun and productive hands-on based Science task that they thoroughly enjoyed participating in and they are excited to complete the rest of the human body functions after this, because the culmination of the Unit will be when they actually build an entire human body (piece by piece as we go) then combine all the parts at the end, to exemplify one complete human body.  




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