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" Crush That Challenge "



Weekly News 


 2/12 to 2/16




*ELA : English Language Arts :   

   This week we will also begin Unit 3 of the Reading Street curriculum. The theme of the unit is how do changes  affect  us. Throughout the unit your child will learn through discussion and books  : how does a panda change in its first year of life, what new things can you do as you get older, how is life today different from life a hundred years ago, what happens when animals change, how are things we use today different from things used long ago, and what causes us to change the way we feel? This week’s selection is Farfillina and Marcel. Other selections will also be read to enhance student understand of this week's theme.

( highlighted above )




* MATH :

Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10· Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.

o Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds, etc.

o Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10.

o For any number from 1 to 9, find the number that makes 10 when added to the given number.

o Fluently add and subtract within 5.




  • Remember to assist your child in  returning the homework folder daily . Be sure to sign the daily communication calendar. Homework Packets are due on Friday.
  • Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon I wanted to let you know that they may be sent to school. Please just have your child sign enough for each student in the class (26)( 13 boys/13 girls). It takes too much time for the students to read and hand out individual cards. Thank you for understanding.
  • Please sign and return your child's report card  



High Frequency Words

see, look

Review :I , am, the , little, a, to, have, is

  we, my, like, he, for, me ,with ,she

Make a memory game. Write each word on an index card. Do this twice for each word. Turn all cards upside down. Have your child turn over 2 cards at a time naming each word. When they find a match they name the word and take the cards. Keep playing until they have all cards.  If they make a mistake naming a word simply tell them the name of word and have them turn it over.  Continue having them turning 2 cards over.







We will be working on completing the puzzle below.

Every time every student is in school the class


another piece of the puzzle. Once the puzzle is

complete the class will decide on a class reward.

We have 3 pieces ... only 7 more to go!!



BE THE ONE to assist your child to be here every day!!



Skills to practice with your child


Reading/ Language Arts:


  • Read with your child  15  minutes a day. Record each time you have read to your child  on the independent reading calendar. Once it is filled send it to school and your child will receive a book to keep.


  • Use a set of flashcards to have your child practice naming the letters of the alphabet. Ask: What is the name of the letter? If they say an incorrect letter name simply tell them the name of the letter and have them repeat it.


  • Use a set of flashcards to have your child practice the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Ask: What is the sound of the letter? If they say an incorrect letter sound simply tell them the sound of the letter and have them repeat it.


Math :


  • Use cereal pieces to solve the following problem: Mason has 10 pieces of cereal. He eats 4 pieces. How many pieces are left


  • How old are you now? Subtract one from that number and record it. Add 3 to that number and record it. 


  • Count backwards from 100. Skip count to 100 by 10s. Which took longer? Write your answer. 



  • Use some fruit to solve the following problem: Ken has 5 bananas in a bunch. He eats some. There are 3 left. How many bananas did he eat? 


  • Ben had 4 chairs at his kitchen table in the morning. After school there was only 1 chair at the kitchen table. How many chairs are missing?