Internet Guide for Parents & Children

When it comes to surfing the Internet, parents must be very aware of what their children are doing while online. With all of the viruses, adware, and spyware lurking around, not to mention potentially dangerous people, children need to be monitored online to ensure their own safety as well as the computer's.

There are a multitude of tools available for parents meant to protect their children, from parental controls provided through the Internet service provider, to key loggers—programs that record the keystrokes on the computer—to timers and monitors that allow parents to see what programs are opened and for how long.

Internet Glossary provides a large list of commonly used computer and Internet terms so parents can understand more about the Internet.

Get Netwise is a site for parents that offers tips and tricks on keeping children safe while using the Internet, along with keeping the computer healthy enough to use on the Internet.

Microsoft offers a list of age based Internet use guidelines.

Safety Net provides extensive resources on Internet safety for parents and children.

iSAFE is home to a non-profit that gives Internet and safety information to parents, teachers, and other caretakers such as law enforcement personnel.

Family Education

Parental Control Bar is a free browser utility that monitors and blocks access to inappropriate websites.

Free KGB Key Logger is a program that will record and store all keystrokes entered on a computer. Use this to watch your children's IM conversations, email replies, see passwords and more. Though some may consider this an invasion of privacy, it is really necessary for safety measures until parents can be sure their children can be trusted online.

Internet Lingo Dictionary is a PDF file full of common terms used by children and teens in internet chat rooms and emails so that parents can become more aware of what is going on.

Emoticon provides a list of all the common emoticons, or Internet smilies, that shows what each smiley is and how it is made.

I Keep Safe is a program that was started by Governer's and their spouses meant to educate children about the importance of Internet safety and what behaviors to avoid.

Wired Safety is an online focus group that works with parents and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent cyber crime.

Net Smartz runs an Internet safety workshop for parents, law enforcement, teachers, and children that covers the basics and importance of staying safe while online.

Web Wise Kids is a website for parents that contains useful information such as how to check the websites that have been visited on the computer so parents have more tools to watch how their children behave on the Internet.

FBI's Guide to Internet Safety for Parents contains valuable information all parents need to know.