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Blazers make a comeback

Katelyn DeAlmeida '12
Trends Editor
January 15, 2011

Above: a forever21 model sports
a c
ontrast cropped blazer.

During the 90s, blazers were a huge fad. In those days, all the grunge chicks were wearing 1970's Marks and Spencers with velvet blazers , in various jewel colours - burgundy, black, sapphire blue, emerald green. They were usually teamed with a cheescloth shirt, customised Doc Martens and ripped flares with ribbon and braid decoration sewn on. They range in all shapes and sizes and made from various fabrics like wool, polyester or silk. In the 90's the one prefered by most people  are the vintage blazers, which was influenced by the styles of the 60's, 70's and 80's, like the Roth- Le Cover California, Vintage Blazer or the Liz Claiborne Vintage Blazer.

Today, Blazers have become versatile and can be a simple look in both casual or professional settings. Blazers  can be worn with pretty much anything, it is one of the best outer garments that can bring the whole look together.  Wearing a belt with a blazer and adding a casual pullover with a rustic-look  are one of the ways to spruce up your wardrobe. Tailored blazers are best when you want to give that unquestionable,  together look. As long as the colors are tasteful, you can wear them anywhere you want to dress-to-impress.  Blazers as well as leather jackets have become the "it" factor in the cool and chiq look  in some of this year's fashion shows and the closets of some our favorite celebrities. The classic Blazer , ranging from $23.00 to $30.00 or  the contrast cropped balzer pricing at $24.80.can be found in many stores, like Macy's , Forever 21 , JC Penny, and Heritage 1981 .