Fall Fashion Trends Hit Durfee Halls


Alexis Mota ‘16

Staff Reporter

September 29, 2014

Now that summer is sadly coming to an end, it is time to welcome fall and all the new trends! There are many different styles roaming our halls. Scarves and boots, plain leggings or print, cardigans or jean jackets, you name it, we've seen it!

Senior Jenna Vieira is loving the boots with dresses trend! "I personally like wearing my dresses with tall boots, it makes me look like a cowgirl," said Vieira.

Jenna Vieira and her dress from Forever 21 and boots from Burlington.                                                                     ...............................-Hilltop Photo File

Currently, there are sales on knee high boots at Rue 21 where you can buy one get one only $10. You can also buy stylish dresses at H&M with prices running from $10.00 to $30.00.

If you're looking for some trendy cardigans, you can find some at either Burlington Coat Factory for $15.00 or Forever 21 for around $20.00.

Almost every clothing store will have some type of sale on scarves; you can find them anywhere. Some stores with great scarf selections are Strawberry, Express, and TJ Maxx.

Shelbie Souza and her jeans from Macy's.               

                            -Hilltop Photo File

Deb is currently having a sale on plain black or gray leggings for only $8. You can find print leggings at either Rue 21 or Forever 21 for around $15.

"I get mostly all of my clothes at Forever 21 or Hollister. I kind of shop anywhere, Macy's is also a hot spot for me," said senior Shelbie Souza

There are also great opportunities for boys to be fashionable this fall. For guys looking to buy some classy polo shirts, Macy's is the place to go. Prices run from around $30-40. Macy's is also a good place to go for jeans for both girls or guys and they always have sales and coupons you can use.

If you're looking for new shoes like Sperry’s you can go to Journeys, where various other styles of the hottest shoes are available.

Fall fashion can be trendy and cheap, just look for the right sales and stores to fit your unique style.