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Top 5 Durfee Fashion Trends
Shelbie Souza
Staff Reporter
January 10, 2013

The Durfee Hilltoppers each have their own unique looks, influenced by the latest fads on and off the runway.

Caroline Cipollini shows off her floral blouse.

-Hilltop File Photo


One stylish new trend that many female students have been engaging in is floral patterns on shirts and pants. Junior Caroline Cipollini sports a white and blue floral print v-neck, with ¾ length sleeves that she purchased at Macy’s.

“I don’t follow trends until I know they are decent, know I’ll be able to wear them, and like how they look,” said Cipollini.

Cipollini's blouse and many other floral print items match well with solid-colored jeans, and shirts, and virtually any pair of shoes. A wide array of stores such as Hollister, Aeropostale, Macy’s and Forever 21 carry many pieces of clothing that show floral flare and other feminine prints.

Although many students engage in new trends that surface, other students like to wear

Keegan Murphy shows off his winter style.
-Hilltop File Photo

clothes that seem timeless. Sophomore Keegan Murphy, wore a beige pullover covering a plaid button down. He paired the tops with a pair of navy blue chinos, and chukka moccasins. Sperry Top-Sider Chukka’s can cost anywhere from $80 to $150 and add a comfortable, yet practical feel to the outfit.

Davia Nelson-Murdock poses in her lace blouse.
-Hilltop File Photo

On those cold winter days, what’s a girl to wear? Well you can take sophomore Victoria Dozois’ approach to staying cozy in the cold by wearing an oversized scarf and riding boots. Scarves have faded in and out of trend for the last few years, but are a cute accessory that are making a comeback. They can be bought at almost any clothing store, and can be inexpensive. Pair them with riding boots and some jeans like Dozois, and you’ll be set to face the winter weather.

Throughout 2012, lace has become a staple in women’s clothing and garments. From dresses to blouses, lace has threaded itself into our “everyday” wear. Just ask Davia Nelson-Murdock, a sophomore at Durfee. She wears a completely lace blouse paired with black leggings, and a Bohemian headband. Davia rocks the outfit with a pair of flats that complements it well.

Another popular trend of 2012 has been leather/denim jackets. They can be worn to edge up one’s style, or

Vanessa Branco brings some edge to her outfit.
-Hilltop File Photo

help keep it casual. Sophomore Vanessa Branco wears a leather jacket that goes great with her striped shirt, and boots. The jackets are great for the cold weather!

Although trends come and go some pieces of clothing never get old. Whether it's lace or leather, find your style preference just like these students did, and maybe you’ll start your own trend!