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These Boots Were Made for Walking 

Gaelen Riley
Staff Reporter
A different kind of boot is making an appearance this fall. Previously thought of as strictly a grunge or punk look that was rarely pulled off successfully, combat boots are now becoming more mainstream, and worn by a wide range of people. 
The price of these boots can range anywhere from $10 to $200. As an affordable alternative, combat boots can be bought at local thrift stores and vintage shops.

Combat boots can be mixed and matched with practically anything in your wardrobe.
                           --Courtesy of Amazon.com

Although it will take more work to find the right fit and perfect look, the payoff will be worth it once you own your own pair and see the amount of money you have saved.
If you're just looking for a quick, semi-cheap way to buy, Delias has a couple of nice pairs with prices ranging from $42.50 to $54.50.
If you're still saying “I don’t think I can pull off this risky shoe,” there are some simple ways to mix and match to complete your look.
Combat boots can easily be paired with basic skinny jeans and a leather jacket or floral skinnies and a solid color shirt. To put a a girly spin on it, wear the shoe with a loose top and a skirt.
"With my combat boots, I can either dress up an outfit or dress it down. Either way, I look fashionable," said senior Sarah Soares.
Be creative and try and make this look your own because the best way to wear an unconventional shoe is to dress as original as the shoe, without upstaging it.