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Flower Power and Colorful Jeans

Melissa DeAlmeida
Staff Reporter

Say goodbye to classic dark blue jeans or khakis, because the latest trends are floral patterned and bright, colorful jeans. This fashion statement has had a major impact on many girls and is continuing to grow.

Floral jeans come in any base color, overlapping with intricate floral designs, which adds a little flavor to them.

The colorful jeans also come in many varieties, but the most common seem to be bright neon pink and yellow.

One of the many designs of floral jeans.

 --Courtesy of www.wetseal.com



Senior Sarah Soares is enjoying the floral trend, "I love floral jeans because they're different and I like the fact that it's a trend that's becoming popular again."

"I like that it expresses my personality and it adds color to my outfit. It's not the same boring blue jeans that everyone else is wearing," said senior Alexa Garant.

You can purchase floral patterned jeans at any Wet Seal for just $29.50.  They are also featured in many other stores like Aeropostale, Hollister, and Pacsun. Colorful jeans can be purchased at Delia's for $39.50. You may find them at a lower price in any Aeropostale or Wet Seal.

 To start off the new school year, floral and colorful jeans are the perfect summer-to-fall transitional item!