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Take a picture, it will last longer

Andrea Dupont ‘12
Trends Editor

Brogan Murphy '12
Staff Reporter
May 2, 2012

Imagine owning a company that became so popular in only a few months that it sold for $1 billion dollars! It can happen and Instagram is the app that did just that!  Instagram is a social networking website which allows users to edit and upload pictures and have followers view and comment on their photography.

People use Instagram as a fun way to share their lives through a series of pictures. Users take a photo in the app by using the camera on their phone, next they choose from a variety of effects to add artistic expressions to the photo. Afterwards, the picture is uploaded to the social networking area of the site where it is "captured" in the application. You can also use multiple edits on the same picture like using Rise, Hudson, Earlybird, Inkwell, or Valencia to enhance the setting that you are trying to portray.

The Instagram app logo.
                            -Courtesy of www.allthingsd.com

"My favorite effect is Earlybird because it gives the picture an authentic rustic, antique-like appearance,” said  senior Jared Little.

Users can also blur backgrounds of pictures to highlight specific areas or use the sun symbol to brighten up the picture and give it a feeling of sunshine.

Instagram is perfect for all ages and is user friendly. The app is availbale for iPhones and Androids making it more accessible to a vast majority of cell phone users.

“I like it because it’s better than Facebook and there is no drama,” said Durfee freshman Keisha Ping .

Instagram is a good high school social network because pictures are expressed rather than words. “I really enjoy Instagram, I feel as though it is a way to express myself beyond words,” said senior Jayden Sinero.

You can also share Instagram pictures on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  This makes it easy to share photos with all of your friends on any of the major social networks. 

So, next time you need to capture a moment, simply capture a picture, edit it with a cool artistic side, and share it with your followers on Instagram!