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Dresses Still Hot During Winter Season

Elise Marchand ‘12
Staff Reporter
February 16, 2012

Although casual wear seems to be the best choice when dealing with winter chills, dressing up can also be a part of this season‘s style. Wearing dresses can make girls feel more confident throughout the winter.

A sweater dress is comfortable and cute to be worn during the cold winter season. The Cabled Sweater Dress at American Eagle, at a price of only $39.99, is a fantastic deal that cannot be passed up. Sold in both pink and auburn, this lovely dress, along with a pair of winter tights, will keep those who wear it warm, cozy, and stylish.

-picture courtesy of www.pics.ae.com

For a fancier dress, Hollister is the place to go. Log on to www.hollisterco.com to find a cute strapless dress with a bow in the front along with layers of ruffles. Sold in multiple colors such as navy, blue, dark pink, coral, and white. It is an online exclusive and costs $59.50. Paired with a sweater this dress will help make the perfect outfit.

For a night out, a little black dress is a great way to dress up. The Shimmery One Shoulder Dress sold at Forever 21 is perfect for any occasion. This lovely one shoulder dress featuring a sequined applique on the shoulder, and a slimming elastic waist, is sold at a price of only $22.80. This dress will make anyone who wears it stand out in a crowd.

A floral dress is very girly and stylish. At Aeropostale, a black dress, designed with blue flowers can be found. It is now being sold at a price of only $30.00.

Although it is still winter, the temperature is slowly rising and dresses are in this season. Worn with winter tights and sweaters, these dresses will be warm and stylish all season long.