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The Most Wonderful Gifts of the Year

Andrea Dupont '12
Trends Editor
December 12, 2011

As Christmas quickly approaches many are searching for the perfect gift for their friends and family. You may be making this harder than it should be. With a little thought, you can find the perfect gift right in front of you.

Alex and Ani feather charm bracelet.
-courtesy of alexandani.com
Finding gifts for your mom, sister, aunt or girlfriend may be difficult and cute clothes or Pandora charms are always a given. It's now time to surprise them with something different that they will love.  

Alex and Ani bracelets have recently become popular, making an appearance in Lucky, Ok, People and Vogue magazines. Each single bracelet is accompanied with charms that hold a symbolic meaning. These inexpensive bracelets which range from $24.00 to $68.00 cost just as much, if not less than Pandora Charms. If you are looking to get something more expensive, some of these bracelets reach up to $158.00. "They're great because you can mix and match them and wear them with anything." said Ms. Rego.

Perhaps you would like to give something more useful, something that they could use everyday. Vera Bradley has a wide variety of products in different patterns and styles which are convenient for everyday use. The Turn Lock Wallet in Vera's new pattern Rhythm and Blues is $46.00 while some of her older patterns are only $34.50. This wallet is perfect for holding small items. If you're looking for something that holds larger items, they have a variety of cute totes, handbags, and backpacks ranging from $16.00 to $80.00.

Johnny Cupcakes Co. graphic tees.
-courtesy of www.johnnycupcakes.com
The man in your life however, would probably prefer shoes, hats, watches or shirts. The Johnny Cupcakes Company prints original and fun graphic tees and sweatshirts that they will love. "Not a lot of people wear them and they're really cool. It's a cheaper alternative for more original and unique items" said Andrew Baptiste. 

For a more personalized gift, customizable shoes are available, starting at $90.00. Nike has free shipping until December 21 so if you are interested in this customized gift you may want to create and purchase them soon! Some other customizable gifts include items to engrave such as picture frames, iPods, or dog tags which can be done at any mall.

The holidays are a time of giving and the best gifts are not always the typical ones. Give someone something cute and different that will leave others in awe; these gifts will do just that.