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Comfort is the Key for Winter Style

Elise Marchand '12
Staff Reporter
December 11, 2011

Winter weather is slowly approaching, and the temperature will eventually drop. One of the best ways to keep cozy and warm is in a stylish winter sweater. Sweater options are endless this season.

A belted sweater top can be found just about anywhere. Paired with either leggings or jeans this comfortable piece of clothing is a bit more stylish than your average, pull over sweater. To purchase one, JC Penny is the place to go. With a price of only $26.99, this tan belted sweater top with a V-shaped neckline is a bargain that cannot be passed up.

At American Eagle festive snowflake printed sweater can be found in red or black. At a reasonable price of $69.50 the sweater creates a festive look throughout the whole season.

A cardigan sweater is a trendy way to add layers to an outfit. At Hollister with a price of $59.50, a black and white striped cardigan would be a good sweater pick. It can be purchased in gray and white as well.  This sweater can be paired with a tank or t-shirt and a pair of jeans to have a cute and casual outfit.

To feel more comfortable throughout the day, but still remain highly fashionable, a cute matching sweat suit from the Victoria's Secret PINK collection will do the trick. This velour zip-up sweater and matching sweatpants varies in colors such as pink, purple, blue, gray, and black. For a total of $119 or both items, this may be a bit of a splurge.

Finally, one of the most loved trends of the winter is cropped sweaters. For only $19.80 at Forever21, a simple cropped, round neck sweater can be found in either a coral/red or cream color. It is a great way to keep warm and layer an outfit.

With so many great styles to choose from winter is looking as stylish as ever.