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Put your best foot forward in moccasins

Elise Marchand '12
Trends Contributor
October 25, 2010

Moccasins are a fashion statement that have been in and out of style through the years. They originally started with the Native Americans, whom we have borrowed many style ideas from, such as beaded jewelry, suede, and fringes. The word “moccasin” comes from a word used by the Algonquian tribe.

In the 1970s, moccasins became a huge trend. During this time, the hippie style was the most popular. The hippies wore fringe jackets and boots, flowers, peace signs, go-go boots, chain belts, suede or leather jackets, bright colors, and moccasins.

After all this time, moccasins are in style again this fall! Everywhere you look you will see people wearing them, though boots seem to be the hottest shoe trend this season. High-heeled moccasins are a blend of these two hot trends. Despite the heels, they are still super comfy like traditional moccasins. 

Currently, many stores are selling a variety of different styles of moccasins for trend-setters of all ages. You can get the soft shoes at Nordstrom, where the average price is about $64, or at American Eagle Outfitters for $39.50. You can also find yourself a great pair on the Internet. 

“I got them from Sahara.com and I like them a lot! They’re very comfortable, and they match with everything,” said junior Abaigeal O’Brien about her new brown, fringe moccasin boots.

Many teens like to wear moccasins because they’re so comfortable and can be worn with anything. They usually have a fur lining in them, which makes them warm and fuzzy. Some may have fringe or beads, and others are more casual and have very little design on them. They are often found in brown, black, or gray, but they are also sold in bright colors as well. They are a definite must have for this fall!