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The iPad 2 Finally Arrives

Kevin Medeiros
Design & Graphic Editor
April 8, 2011 

On April 3, 2010 the first generation iPad was released to the public. Despite controversy and critical remarks coming from spectators and the public, the iPad still had much success. On March 11 of this year, the new generation of iPad was released by Apple with high hopes. 

The iPad 2 comes with several new improvements such as being “thinner, lighter, and faster” than the first iPad. With new specifications such as a Dual-Core A5 chip, the iPad 2 can stream video, gaming, and web-surfing faster than before. It also comes with two cameras which enables people to have “FaceTime” and to record videos in HD. 

Apple has really anticipated its new accessory to the iPad2, the Smart Cover. The Smart Cover magnetically attaches to the iPad2 which protects the screen when not in use, and also acts as a video and keyboard stand. The Smart Covers come in an array of colors such as black, blue, and red. They also come in two different styles, polyurethane and leather. 

When interviewing Durfee senior Bryan Melo, (who owns the first generation iPad) he gave the iPad critical remarks. 

“It’s really just a bigger version of an iPod Touch,” said the Melo. “It would have been a good idea to add a USB port to the new one.” With the iPad 2 still not having a USB port, there are talks that Apple is working on adding one to the third generation. The iPad 2 can be purchased at a starting price of $499.99 and can be found at any of the 300 Apple stores worldwide, Best Buy, Walmart, Circuit City, and Staples.