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Durfee holds first science study session of the year

Katelyn DeAlmeida '12
Trends Editor
December 9, 2010

On Saturday, November 28 , Durfee welcomed students from Mashpee and Middleborough for the  AP sciences study session. Science teachers Mr. Brendan O’Neil, Mr. Matthew Tweedie, Mr. David Galatzer-Levy, Mr. Eric Nelson, and Dr. Sandra Mitra were present to guide AP students through their study session. 

The session began around eight in the morning with snacks and refreshments laid out for the students. After taking attendance, classes were organized by the students' selected AP science course. The students were divided into different groups and got the opportunity to meet others who were experiencing the same challenges set forth by the AP courses. Each session varied in both topic and criteria, and lasted about an hour and a half. For example, in one of the biology sessions, students were taught the structure and function of the cell membrane by instructor Dr. Mitra.  

At noontime, the students were given lunch and a raffle took place. Earlier, the students were given raffle tickets in which they had to write their names on and place in a bucket belonging to their school. The students whose tickets were pulled from each bucket were to receive either a $10 gift certificate to Dunkin' Donuts, a $10 gift card to A.M.C. movie theaters or a $25 gift card to Best Buy. Despite the incentive placed by the prizes, students felt as though they gained a lot from the study sessions and that it was very helpful. 

"I felt that the study session was helpful, for the most part, especially the experiments we had to do," said junior Brie-Anne Lavoie, who is currently taking AP Biology. 

"I think that as we get to the second and third sessions kids will see how valuable it is," said AP Biology teacher Mr. Tweedie. Tweedie has high hopes that the study sessions will be beneficial not only to the students' AP test scores, which they will receive after taking the test in May, but to their grades as well.