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Student Spotlight: Ashley Beauchemin

Hunter Reis '13
Staff Reporter
November 10, 2010

For Ashley Beauchemin, a junior at Durfee High School, going to college is a major life goal.  

Beauchemin was first inspired to go to college in the eighth grade by her teacher, Mr. Michael Lepage. Lepage an English teacher at Henry Lord, educated the class on the importance of going to college.    

"For some reason," Beauchemin said, "one of his speeches really struck me, and I realized that I have to do something with my life."    

Above: Ashley Beauchemin is the subject of this
week's "Student Spotlight".

                                       --Hilltop File Photo

Beauchemin is preparing for college by taking advanced placement courses at Durfee. She strives to do well in school and get scholarships to help her through college.   

After graduating from Durfee in 2012, Beauchemin would like to attend Boston University. The huge campus and bustling atmosphere of the university is appealing to Beauchemin, and the school offers classes that she is interested in taking.   

Beauchemin is currently on her way to becoming a journalist by taking the appropriate classes at Durfee. Her major goal is to become a journalist for a magazine such as US Weekly or Game Informer. However, Beauchemin also has a back-up plan. If journalism does not work out, she hopes to become a child psychiatrist.    

Beauchemin says that, in life, she just wants to help people. She plans on using what she has learned as well as her talents to do this and make the best of her life.