Senior Dances Her Way to College

Danielle MacDonald '14

Staff Reporter

February 25, 2014


The big day approaches and Carson Moreira-Rego is ready for action. It’s competition day, the biggest day of the year for a dancer. It’s World of Dance: New York 2012. As Carson gets ready the nerves are pulsing through her body. This is the biggest competition she has ever performed in and she’s ready to hit the stage. 


Moreira-Rego started dancing when she was six years old, after her mom wanted her to become involved in something. She began her career in North Dartmouth at The Dancer’s Edge where she fell in love with the art of dancing. Tap soon became her favorite style to perform.


Moreira-Rego kicks her way to a regional title.        -Courtesy of Carson Moreira-Rego


Moreira-Rego looks up to several famous dancers while trying to better herself and her routines, including Lando Wilkins, Tucker Barkley, JC Ryan, Mollee Gray, Travis Wall, Andy Pellick, Ian MacKenzie, and many more. Hoping to dance with one of them in her future, she has already danced with famous dancers tWitch and Bad Rabbits. 


As the years passed, Moreira-Rego was offered a chance to join a bigger dance crew in Boston called Static Noyze, a professional hiphop/contemporary dance company, and gladly accepted. 


As a senior in high school, Moreira-Rego has applied to and wishes to attend a college in Boston. Some of the colleges include Babson College, Boston University, and Boston College. She hopes to dance for any of these schools, as well as join a club volleyball team. 

A day in the life of Moreira-Rego is a hectic day with multiple things on the agenda. From school to clubs to sports then dance, every day is a balancing act for her.


Being an active member of the National Honor Society, Student Body Treasurer of Student Government, and playing volleyball as well as basketball,  is always on the go.


 “I honestly don’t know how I do it,” said Moreira-Rego. Managing dance on top of all her school commitments is a constant battle for time, yet she seems to get it done and still have time left to sleep for a few hours before she does it all over again. 


For this multi-tasking high school senior, she wouldn’t want it any other way. Dance comes before many other activities for her and it’s become her way of life. “Dance is my life.” said Moreira-Rego. “I don’t know where I’d be without it. It’s my outlet for everything.”


We can expect to see her dancing for the college of her choice in the near future and wish her nothing, but great success as she completes her senior year at Durfee.