Camara Shoots for the Stars 
Jane O'Brien '15
Staff Reporter
January 29, 2014
For the past 10 years, Brianna Camara has been pursuing her dreams on and off the court. Camara is one of three captains for the girls' Durfee varsity basketball team and she is only a junior. With her sister and father as inspiration, she leads the team in every game with her eyes on the prize and fire in her heart.
Since the age of six, Camara has had a love for basketball. “I started basketball camps when I was five or six but I didn’t play on an actual team until I was seven,” said Camara. Originally she gained an interest in basketball because of her sister, Rachael. “My dad played basketball growing up, but he never really forced it upon us. Once I saw my sister playing that was it, I wanted to play.”  

Brianna Camara prepares to shoot the basketball during a recent game.

                                   -Hilltop File Photo

Camara is involved in separate teams all throughout the year. She plays for Durfee not only in the winter, but helps run the Durfee basketball summer camp. Aside from here, Camara plays for an AAU team called Bay State Magic. With the Magic, she travels across the country for summer tournaments. “We even continue into the Fall for a couple tournaments to get us ready for the winter season,” said Camara.
At only 16 years old, Camara is already making big headlines. She was selected to play for the Big Three All Star team last year alongside fellow teammate J’lynn Jackson. “I won MVP for that and it was really an honor,” said Camara. “It was my first time playing in the game and it was so cool to just play with the girls who I’ve faced all season.” 
Durfee basketball has always been on Camara’s mind. “Ever since I was little, I’ve come to Durfee basketball games and watched the older girls play and couldn’t wait until it was my turn. My dad wore number 14, my sister wore number 14, and now I wear number 14. I’ve got Durfee across my chest and it’s my time to represent,” said Camara.
Camara hopes to keep pursuing her love of basketball and play in college. “My dream school is Boston College, but it’s a division one school, l so we’ll see.”  
Check the Durfee girls' basketball schedule to see Camara in action soon.  The girls hope to make the state tournament and end the season on a high note and with Camara having one more year to shine here at Durfee, her star will only continue to burn brighter.