From Minnesota to Massachusetts
Samantha Vertentes
Staff Reporter
December 12, 2013
Minnesota and Massachusetts-the only thing similar is that they both start with M, according to Madison Mathias.
Mathias is 16 years old and was born on June 5, 1997. She is currently a junior at Durfee High School. She has three sisters, Amaya 13, Dakota 10, Aubree 4, and one brother, Tommy, also 10. Mathias has many dreams and goals in her life such as becoming a pilot when she gets older because it’s “different”, it excites her to be up in the air and in control.
Mathias is new to Fall River and this is her first year at Durfee. She went to Stillwater High School. She moved to Fall River in early July of 2013. Mathias moved here with her mom and sister Dakota. Compared to her old school, she likes Durfee way more. She likes all of the students, teachers, and classes that Durfee offers.
“I like Durfee a lot because people here are kind and welcome you,” said Mathias.
Mathias participates in two clubs here at Durfee, French Club and Freedom Writers Club. She chose Freedom Writers Club because English is her favorite subject. “I like to speak out loud and read,” said Mathias. She is also focusing on her grades this year which is a reason why she does not participate in any sports.
Mathias hopes to accomplish many things during her last two years here at Durfee. Getting good grades and staying on top of her school work are here main goals. She plans to finish high school here at Durfee and is looking forward to the future.