From Warm Weather to Woolens

Caroline Aubin

Staff Reporter

December 12, 2013


Just as the cool weather arrives, Cassandra “Casey” Merkt daydreams of warm air, abundant sunshine, and the sights of soft-sand beaches. It is not a way to cope with the harsh New England weather; Merkt is remembering her former life as a resident of Florida.


The 17-year-old Durfee senior formerly lived in Orlando, Florida from ages three to eleven. Merkt, along with her family, moved to Florida to be closer to her grandmother.

She took up cheerleading at age six, and continued to cheer until her senior year at Durfee. When she was not cheering or at daycare, Merkt played with neighborhood children.

“When I came home, we just played in the backyard,” said Merkt.

Merkt attended Deltona Elementary School in Florida until 4th grade, when her family relocated back to Fall River. Once back here, she resumed her school years at Davol Elementary.

“It [Florida] was so beautiful," Merkt remembers fondly. “It’s so quiet too.”

Merkt plans to return to Florida one day, but in the very near future, she hopes to attend  Johnson & Wales Culinary School.