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Meet the New Junior Class Adviser: Ms. Jordan Clarke

Melissa DeAlmeida
Trends Editor
April 6, 2013

Jordan Clarke is the new class adviser for the Class of 2014. She is currently in her first year of teaching and has a lot to say about her experiences here at Durfee High School.  Here is a Q&A with Ms. Clarke.

Jordan Clarke is having an amazing experience in her first year at Durfee High School.
                                                                                --Hilltop File Photo

Where are you originally from?
-I'm originally from Exeter, New Hampshire - a really small, historic town up north. 

Where did you attend college?
-I attended college at Santa Clara University (best college ever!) in California.

What are some of your hobbies?
-I played field hockey in college, so I still love running and playing sports with my roommates. I'm also an avid traveler - I studied abroad for 6 months in Europe and am hoping to make it to South America next summer for the World Cup. When I really want to relax, I grab a book.


How long have you been a teacher?
-This is my first year teaching! The experience here so far has been amazing.

What subject do you teach here?
-I teach Algebra II and Algebra I.

What is your involvement in the Teach for America Program?
-I've been part of the Teach for America program for about 9 months now as a current corps member and teacher. The goal of Teach for America is to work with other teachers to continue to close the achievement gap in urban education. We've been welcomed with open arms, and the teachers at Durfee are unbelievable educators. There are about 20 new teachers with me in the program that were placed in Fall River and New Bedford this year, with even more coming next fall. We love Fall River so far and can't wait to show it off to all the new members.

What was your previous profession before you began working at Durfee High School?  
-I just graduated from college last June, so I was a student! In college I worked with a number of professors as an economic research assistant.  I was lucky enough to research the food shortage and population growth in Africa during my senior year with my favorite professor.

Why did you decide that you wanted to become the new class adviser for the Junior Class?
-I wanted to become the advisor for the junior class because of the awesome energy that my juniors display every day in my class.  Everyone is so full of life, and I wanted to be part of that.  We plan on using that great energy, originality, and humor to come up with some amazing events in the next year.

What are your future plans for the class of 2014?
-The Class of 2014 has a lot of potential, and our goal is to surpass what we have done every other year.  We're thinking big for the next year - class trips, great fundraisers, events that showcase our school's spirit, and possibly embarrassing our faculty members.

How has your experience at Durfee been so far?
-My experience so far has been amazing. I have so many superlatives that I could use to describe Durfee, but really it's the students that have made my first year great. The energy, wit, and intelligence of the student body is so impressive. Only at Durfee could we go from graphing logarithms to singing Taylor Swift in three minutes. I can't wait to have even more opportunities interacting with these students as the Junior Class Adviser.