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Senior Superlatives: Who's Who in the Class of 2013

Hunter Reis
March 25, 2013

In 2009, many of us in the Class of 2013 were complete strangers. High school has made many of us establish who we are, not just to others, but to ourselves as well. Senior Superlatives is a yearly tradition that the seniors of Durfee High School look forward to each year.

Durfee Publications now proudly presents senior superlatives for the Class of 2013:

Category: Female: Male:
Best Dancer: Alyce Almeida Quentin Souza & Jose Tinoco
Worst Case of Senioritis: Darrien Hassey Alex Costa
Class Clown: Elizabeth Cadavid Nathan Carvalho
Best Eyes: Brooke Taylor Thomas Batista
Best Smile:  Andrea Ramos Derik Medeiros
Life of the Party: Hannah & Kate Massoud Max Mercer
Quietest:  Camila Rodrigues Blaise Comstock
Most Contagious Laugh: Lauren Poirier Alex Rebello
Born in the Wrong Decade: Selina Leboeuf Joel Martins Jr.
Most Durfee Pride: Alexa Garant Griffin Prescott
Best Dressed:  Shena Butler Jon Ciullo
Class Couple that Never Was: Drew Guay Nathan Carvalho
Class Couple:  Sarah Soares Hayden Tavares
Most Friendly: Rebecca Duval Daniel Chea
Most Artistic: Emily Borges Yadriel Perez
Most Musical: Claudia Sousa Aaron Paiva
Most Athletic: Bailey Brooks Emmanuel Fernandes
Social Butterfly: Danai Boone Hunter Reis
Most Likely to Succeed: Emily Mello Andrew Nadeau
Best All Around: Sarah Medeiros Griffin Prescott