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Connecting Cultures
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One Student's Search for Her Future: A Tour of UNH

Sarah Soares
Opinion Editor
February 28, 2013

As senior keeps pushing forward, that means the time to choose a college is running out. It’s hard to decide on a school without visiting it first and learning a little more about the college experience. All schools give general tours throughout the school year. It’s up to you to select your top schools and have a first-hand experience.

During February vacation, I had the chance to visit University of New Hampshire. UNH is located in a small town Durham, similar to Newport. With Durham being such a small town, the university makes up a majority of the town.

UNH has five main buildings where classes are held, not including any dorms for students. It was like being in a whole new world compared to Durfee. Although the buildings were built in the 1940s, they look brand new and very modern. Also, the students attending college and more mature than those who attend high school. Some students walking on campus are in grad school and maybe even in their mid-twenties and hold high expectations of behavior from their fellow classmates.

One of UNH's double sized rooms that can house either two or three students.
                              -courtesy of unh.edu

What may have been the best part of the tour were the dorms. Impressions of dorms are crucial because if you do decide to attend a certain college, that is where you will be spending a good amount of your time. At UNH and maybe at other universities there are three ways you can dorm. The first is two people in a double room, three people in a triple size room, and at a reduced price you can have three people in a double sized room. Living in a dorm during your first year of college allows you to become more independent and self-reliant.

While looking at colleges there are two more important things you need to take notice of before choosing a college, the library and dining hall.  While in college, you will spend an innumerous amount of time in the library and it has to be an environment you will be able to focus and feel comfortable in. The food court is where you will be having all three meals. It has to have food you know you’ll be able to eat on a daily basis and that they have available meal plans best suited for you. Colleges have a variety of foods to choose from to best accommodate the diversity of the student body.

Main residence hall located in the center of campus.
                            --courtesy of unh.edu

During my visit to UNH I realized how independent I have to be in order to have a successful four years. Living in another state will give me the chance to meet new people, help me focus more on my studies, and introduce myself to a new environment.