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Student Spotlight: Ashan’a Beatty

Courtney Estrella
Staff Reporter
February 1, 2013

Often told to always look forward and never back, Ashan’a Beatty often finds herself longing to be back in the city she grew up in. She just can’t shake the feeling that she belongs in her hometown of Atlanta, miles and miles south of where she currently resides in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Born there on July 4, 1997, she fell in love with the gorgeous weather and lively atmosphere in the years she spent residing there. “I’d prefer to live in Georgia,” she said.

Though stuck in a place of colder climate that’s lesser fit for her tastes, she has all the intentions on making the most of it until she packs up and moves once again for college and beyond.

Ashan'a Beatty is a great role model for all Durfee students.
                                                                              --Hilltop File Photo

In her spare time, she enjoys singing, and shopping, like many girls her age, and has a particular love for dancing.

“I’ve been dancing since I was three,” said Beatty.

At any given time, there is a good chance you can find her busting a move to her favorite artist, Rihanna. In addition, she likes to read novels such as 13 Reasons Why, and watch movies like Love and Basketball and ATL.

When it comes to her future, Ashan’a has it all figured out. She’s an ambitious girl with her heart set on opening up her own boutique. She hopes to do so back in the south and incorporate her own fashion designs into the store. Though she has no names in mind quite yet, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with one when putting her head together with her boyfriend, who doubles as a future business partner.

They say anything is possible for those that are creative and determined and have a great support system helping them along. Ashan’a has all three checked off on her list and it appears her dreams of being a boutique owner are well within reach.