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Student Spotlight: Paulina Feitelberg 

Sarah Soares '13
Staff Reporter
April 10, 2012

Have you ever met a soccer and basketball star? If not, then meet Paulina Feitelberg, a 15-year -old Durfee sophomore. Not only does she have a crazy life at school, balancing sports and being an honors student, she is also one of four children in a well-known Fall River family.


Feitelberg has been playing basketball since she was 6 years old and says, “I love every minute of it!” Her world doesn’t only revolve around sports and academics, she enjoys nights out with her family to her favorite restaurant Alforno’s. “My favorite food to eat is Italian. It’s delicious and satisfying at the same time,” said Feitelberg.


Aside from her love for Italian food, she would one day like to visit Italy and many other countries. “I want to see different cultures,” says Feitelberg. She has already been on vacation to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and swam with dolphins, which she claims was the best experience of her life.


As basketball season ended not too long ago, she takes now advantage of her free time and watches One Tree Hill, her favorite show along with her favorite movie The Town.


Feitelberg is thinking about transferring schools to Bishop Connolly, but Durfee students are hoping she chooses to stay. “I love Durfee, and all my friends are here, but I’m just trying to figure out what’s best for me.” We hope Paulina does make the right choice and continues to spread her bubbly personality with us here at Durfee and gives us more future winning soccer and basketball seasons.