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Senior Superlatives 2012

Brenna Riley '12

February 17, 2012

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Durfee Record Book, and as the Class of 2012 continues the legacy of the school, they must also continue to create new memories of their own. One of the ways the class does this is through the voting of senior superlatives, where each senior gets the opportunity to vote for a male and female classmate who they believe should win each category, and the results are finally in. 

Although many of us roll out of bed and throw something on at 7 a.m., some students take the time to get nicely dressed, including Ben Feitelberg and Grace Borden, winning them Best Dressed.

here are always those students that everyone knows. The ones that are always talking to everyone and grabbing the attention of many, and by doing this, like Andrew Merkt and Jayden Sineiro, you too could win Most Outgoing.

At some point everyone wishes they could make beautiful paintings, sculptures, or sketches, but not everyone can be as talented as Abel Viveiros and Kathryn Araujo, the Most Artistic of the graduating class.

Brogan Murphy and Olivia Marques, we all know them, they say hi to everyone and you can always find them with a smile on their face, which is why they were voted Most Friendly.

Go Durfee! For always cheering on the Hilltoppers Tom Soares and Sara Lapointe won for Most School Spirit.

Being top of their class and always studying hard, Anita Pechenko and Curtis St. Pierre succeeded in winning Most Likely to Succeed.

David Parnell’s guitar playing, and Nicole Souza’s singing won them Most Musically Talented.

Maybe they have come to visit us from the past, but they still belong in the class of 2012, winning Born in the Wrong Decade is Abbey O’Brien and Andrew Devito.

They play sports, they are two of the nicest kids in the school, and they are smart and hard-working, Best All Around goes to John O’Neil and Rachael Camara.

When students are laughing all the time, it is probably because of these two, who won Class Clown, Andrew Baptiste and Brenna Souza.

When they smile people can’t help but stop and stare, Best Smile goes to Nick Silva and Chelsea Campellone.

Sometimes parents are hard to please, but we know they would be happy if we brought home Chad Martins or Angela Motta, winning them Best to Take Home to Mom and Dad.

When they laugh, everyone laughs, Best Laugh goes to Alan Pontes and Renee Thiboutot.

They don’t always say much, but they are still noticed! Shyest goes to Richard Dopart and Angela Motta.

They are three sport athletes, they work hard, and represent Durfee well on and off the field, most Athletic goes to Tim Ponte and Andrea Dupont.

Biggest Flirt, they probably sweet-talked everyone into voting for them so this year’s winners are Flavio Dacosta and Kim Botelho.

Together for two and a half wonderful years, the Class Couple is Sinatra Sem and Savannah Dorego.

Their blue eyes stun the class, Best Eyes go to Zach Sonallah, Lexy Mendonca, and Brenna Riley (tied in the female category).

These two never seem to keep quiet! That’s why Peter Perry and Kaitlyn Powers won Most Talkative.

They always steal the spotlight at parties, which is why Life of the Party belongs to Tyler Winn and Grace Borden.

In four years, people can change quite a bit, especially Tyler Winn and Kayley McNulty, which is why they won Most Changed Since Freshman Year.

Congratulations to all the winners!