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There's an App for That!

Melissa DeAlmeida '13
Student Life Editor
January 27, 2012

Over the past 5 years, Apple has fascinated the world with its technology, creating a worldwide phenomenon. Their App Store features over 500,000 apps, many of which are free. 100,000 of these apps include Games and Entertainment, which are almost always in the “Top Rated” section of the App Store. Currently the most popular application is Temple Run. The objective of this addicting game is to run as far as you can and get as manycoins as possible. As the game goes on the speed of the character increases, and the road becomes narrower, which makes it harder to control yourself. Students at Durfee High school can’t get enough of it.

The Temple Run Application in action.
--Courtesy of www.thisappisawesome.com
“My current addiction is definitely Temple Run, I play it all the time,” said senior Brenna Riley.

" I love beating other peoples scores!" said junior Hunter Reis.

"Temple Run is such an addicting game! I love it because the more you play the faster it gets and you actually want to keep playing to get a higher score each time," said senior Brogan Murphy.

As well as Temple Run there are thousands of more fun and entertaining applications that people use in their everyday lives.

“I have a whole box dedicated to prom dress applications. I also love to play all the story games like Bakery story and Restaurant Story,” said Riley.

Social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular with Apple users as well.

“My favorite app for the Iphone is Twitter because I’m on it all the time,” said senior Nick Champagne.

Murphy also considers Twitter to be his favorite social networking app on his phone, “It can update you on all the tweets!” he said.

Besides Apple, another great place to get the latest apps is Android. With its super fast web-browser, cloud sync, and multi-tasking, it’s an easy way to connect & share thousands of apps available on Android Market. Similar to Apple, most of the apps for the Android are free and easy to use. Currently the most Top Rated app on the Market is Facebook.

“Facebook is a great app. It’s fast and it’s great to connect with all of my friends because everyone has one,” said senior Briana Gomes.

 The Application icon for Pandora.
--Courtesy of www.switched.com
Some of the other popular apps include music applications.

“My favorite app for the Android are all the music ones like the V-Cast app. When you’re trying to think of the name of a song and you can’t, you can just hold your phone up to the radio and it tells you, which is great,” said Renee Thiboutot.

“I like Pandora because I can listen to songs I like and it plays other songs similar to the ones I like,” said Junior Nick Cipriano.

People are constantly playing their favorite games, using certain tools, or looking up information on their web browsers. Applications on smart phones have become crucial to a person's everyday life. Between Apple and Android the two have created advanced technology that previously could have only been imagined.