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Student Government Takes Action

Renée Thiboutot '12

December 13, 2011

Recently, students have shown a lack of respect for Durfee High School including the pulling of fire alarms. These false alarms have been putting everyone in the building in danger and have disrupted the learning process as a whole. In light of this situation, Student Government officers decided that something had to be done.
Student Body President Brogan Murphy hangs a P.R.I.D.E. poster.
--Hilltop file photo

The officers have suggested a campaign to instill respect in the students of Durfee. The idea surrounding the campaign is that students must respect their building, along with the students, faculty, and staff within it. Other students, aside from the Student Government officers, have also suggested that something has to be done.

"I think that it [pulling fire alarms] is extremely immature and puts not only the people within the building in danger, but also the firefighters that are forced to rush over, said senior Tom Soares. "We as a student body need to respect the building."

Other students, with the help of Student Government, have recommended a public service announcement be put out through FRED-TV. They have also suggested that the random fact of the day be replaced with a little piece of Durfee history. Another idea is to
create and hang posters throughout the school that contain creative slogans concerning respect, such as "Take the Time to Keep the Pride". The hope is that these initiatives will spark respect from all students. 

“Student Government is just going to be the catalyst for this idea. When students respect their school the overall environment is better, and this is exactly what we hope to accomplish,” said student body president Brogan Murphy.

At the end of last year, the faculty approved a school wide initiative using the acronym P.R.I.D.E. The hope was to instill the values it represents. It is a constant reminder to the students throughout the day with its mission statement being stated on the "Top Of The Morning" show and posters being displayed in each classroom.

In conjunction with the original P.R.I.D.E. initiative, the student body officers and each class have received a particular letter in the acronym P.R.I.D.E. The freshmen represent Purpose, the sophomores Responsibility, the juniors Innovation, the seniors Diligence, and the student body officers represent Empowerment. Each class is expected to promote their value throughout the school.

“I think it’s fabulous. I think that it can't be coming from the adults, it has to come from the students, this is your building. Frankly without you guys there is no reason for us to be here and if you don’t take pride in where you are and what this is all about then you’re going to have a D- life,” said Principal Mr. Paul Marshall.

While these ideas were proposed because of the recent false fire alarms, the campaign will instill a general respect for the entire school. Students and officers are still in the brainstorming stages, but hope that this campaign will be successful in its mission.