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Get into the Spirit

Melissa DeAlmeida
Student Life Editor
November 15, 2011

On Friday, November 18, the students of Durfee High School will be starting our annual Spirit Week. This year will be filled with new and exciting surprises. Student Government came up with original ideas to show enthusiasm for Durfee in preparation for the big Thanksgiving Day football game. 

The schedule of week is as follows:

Friday 11/18-Fashion Disaster Day
Monday 11/21-Senior Citizen Day
Tuesday 11/22-Character Day
Wednesday 11/23-Red and Black Day

For Fashion Disaster Day, students are expected to wear anything from mismatched clothing, past trends, items from former decades, or anything that represents an overall total fashion disaster!

On Monday November 21, students will be celebrating Senior Citizen Day. This is a day where students can dress up as an elderly person or even if they wanted to, their own grandparents. Student Body President senior Brogan Murphy is extremely excited about Senior Citizen day. "I'm so excited because this is an original day. We've never celebrated it here at Durfee and I cannot wait to see what people are going to wear."

The following day students will be dressing up for Character Day. Ideas run from their favorite movie, T.V. show, cartoon, book, or video game characters.

The last day of Spirit Week is the famous Red and Black Day. Students can wear clothing that represents Durfee colors or anything with our school's name on it.

"This upcoming spirit week is going to be so much fun, I can already tell people are going to come up with great ideas on what to wear and it's going to be a blast," said Murphy.