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Senior and Student Body Candidates Announced at Assembly

Renée Thiboutot '12

October 17, 2011

On Wednesday, October 14, the seniors gathered in the Nagle Auditorium for the Durfee senior class and student body candidate announcements. As the sophomores and juniors took their PSAT’s, and the freshmen assembled in the Field House, the seniors met their candidates. This is the class of 2012’s last chance to make an impact and leave their mark on the high school. With elections on October 21, the candidates have begun their campaigning. Speeches would be done both live and by a prerecorded video.

The student body live speeches were done first. Tyler Winn, who has been the class of 2012’s president for the past three years, is now running for student body president in his senior year. After Winn made his live speech, with emphasis on his last name, he reminded his audience that they “can’t lose with Tyler Winn.” Senior Zack Charette, who ran unopposed for the last three years, is running for treasurer. Charette ran for president against Winn during his freshman year, and lost by 300 votes, according to Charette.

Senior David Parnell dancing after his speech.
--Hilltop File Photo
Live speeches for the senior class candidates followed. First time runner Andrew Merkt decided to run for president. While Merkt was at the podium he used his personality and clever jokes to win over his audience.

“I can’t lie or make promises about being the best president Durfee’s ever had, but I won’t be the next Bush,” said Merkt.

Chelsea Campellone was next. Campellone’s campaign was that she’s running unopposed and we have no choice; she is our next vice president. Alexander Ried is running for treasurer and is also running unopposed. David Parnell was last to make a live speech. Parnell is running for secretary of the senior class. He used the same technique as Merkt; he used his charm and wit to capture his audience.

“I was shy, but Durfee has made me blossom into the child I am today,” said Parnell, “I’m rarely late, I have excellent penmanship, and I take detailed yet concise notes.”

As Parnell was giving his speech a student insisted he do the Double Dream Feet Dance. Later in the assembly, Parnell, alone on stage with spotlight, gave the audience what they asked for; just as he said he would do if he won secretary.

The video candidates were then shown. Paige Sullivan is running for senior class secretary, and has made it clear that even though this is our last year at Durfee, it doesn’t have to be our worst. Peter Perry is running for senior class president. Perry said that we are one of the best classes to walk the halls of Durfee, referring to the class of 2012.

Student body candidate speeches followed. Brogan Murphy, running for president, and Sara Lapointe, running for vice president, are campaigning together. The two have been in student government together before and hope to win together this year. Lapointe said to live by the moto “Durfee  pride til’ we die.” Murphy, on the other hand, loves Durfee and said that if you don’t, you will! Junior Danai Boone is running for secretary.

Johnny O’Neil’s video was shown last. Unlike the other video’s, which where filmed by FredTV, O’Neil filmed his own. Seniors Tom Soares and Chris Whitty were also in the campaign video. The short video started with O’Neil approving the message. He showcased his great presidential qualities in a creative way. He showed his strength by pushing a car back, his competitive spirit by hitting a golf ball and answering math problems, his leadership skills, and finally his energy.

On October 21, elections will be held and all Durfee students will be able to vote for a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary for both the student body and their class.