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Votes are in: Senior superlatives announced

Brenna Riley '12
Student Life Editor
March 2, 2011

As the end of the school year draws near, the seniors at Durfee High School are preparing to face their next adventure: college. After leaving Durfee, there are certain memories that will last forever. To help them remember the friends, events, and teachers, the Durfee Record Book is published. Often many seniors’ favorite part of the yearbook is senior superlatives. They each get the opportunity to vote for a male and female classmate who they believe should win each category.  After voting, tallying, and campaigning, the results for the Class of 2011 are finally in.
Jordan Duponte and Jillian Correia each have their own unique style that grabbed the attention of their classmates, winning them Best Dressed.
Javier Moniz and Isabelle Morimoto rocked the stage for the seniors in this year’s door decorating contest, contributing to their win for Most School Spirit.
Having practices or games every day for three seasons can be very hectic and nearly impossible for many high school students, however, this is not the case for Cory Cardeiro and Nicole Massoud. Their hard work and dedication have won them Most Athletic.
Daniel Pelletier can often be seen on a stage playing his guitar with his band and sometimes accompanied by singer Isabelle Morimoto, winning the duo Most Musically Talented.
Dancing brings out Jillian Bettencourt and Alex Dacamara’s happy, excited personalities, winning them both Most Outgoing.
Say cheese! Trevor Witt and Courtney DeSousa must have plenty of practice smiling for the camera, because their photogenic grins won them Best Smile.
At the top of the senior class lies Bryan Rego and Alisia Medeiros, who always strive to do their best. This determination has won them Most Likely to Succeed.
Andrea Souza and Javier Moniz constantly crack jokes and keep everyone laughing, winning them Class Clown.
The football captain and cheerleader have done it again, the Class Couple is Jake Brown and Emily Sebastiao.
The quiet ones are always the best listeners and friends, sweet Angela Sowersby and Robert Gregg have won Shyest.
When it comes to creativity, Samnall Deung and Virginia Thatch claim the prize, winning Most Artistic.
There is a perfectly good reason why Keith Omosefunmi and Rashon Braxton won Best Excuse Maker, and they’ll be the ones to think up that reason.
Jared Robinson and Alyssa Cintron are always stealing the stage. Continuing on their path will lead them to great things, as they have already won Most Likely to be Famous, an Oscar might come next!
Rami Akouri and Haydy George are often the first ones to say hello or smile at anyone and everyone in the hallways of Durfee, winning them Most Friendly.
Sports, clubs, and school are very difficult to balance, and it takes a special teenager to be able to balance them all and be spectacular at each. Best All Around, Nathan Farias and Shana Hilario, manage to do it all.
Even though they didn’t feel like listening to the morning announcements to know where to find this, Aaron Luz and Tianna Sousa have won Worst Case of Senioritis.
No matter the year, these students shine, but they seem to come from an earlier time. Born in the Wrong Decade goes to Jillian Correia and Evan Darmody.
These students will be the last to find out about their win, since they often are the last ones to arrive anywhere. That’s why Keith Omosefunmi and Tanisha Melo are Most Likely to be Late to Graduation.
Haha! These laughs spark laughter in any crowd. Best Laugh is won by Natasha Pereira and Taj DeSantos.
Batting their eyelashes always are the winners of Biggest Flirt, Cameron Sevier and J’Keya Lynch.    
Mr. Marshall is so 2010, it is Evan Darmody who is Most Likely to become Principal of Durfee.

Superlative Male Female
Best Dressed
Jordan Duponte
Jillian Correia
Most School Spirit
Javier Moniz
Isabelle Morimoto
Most Athletic
Cory Cardeiro
Nicole Massoud
Most Musically Talented
Daniel Pelletier
Isabelle Morimoto
Most Outgoing
Alex Dacamara
Jillian Bettencourt
Best Smile
Trevor Witt
Courtney Desousa
Most Likely to Succeed
Bryan Rego
Alisia Medeiros
Class Clown
Javier Moniz
Andrea Souza
Shyest Robert Gregg
Angela Sowersby
Most Artisitic
Samnall Deung
Virginia Thatch
Best Excuse Maker
Keith Omosefunmi
Rashon Braxton
Most Likely to be Famous
Jared Robinson
Alyssa Cintron
Most Friendly
Rami Akouri
Haydy George
Best All Around
Nathan Farias
Shana Hilario
Worst Case of "Senioritis"
Aaron Luz
Tianna Souza
Born in the Wrong Decade
Evan Darmody
Jillian Correia
Most Likely to be Late to Graduation
Keith Omosefunmi Tanisha Melo
Best Laugh
Taj Desantos
Natasha Pereira
Biggest Flirt
Cameron Sevier
J'Keya Lynch
Class Couple
Jake Brown
Emily Sebastiao
Most Likely to become Principal of Durfee
Evan Darmody