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After a 21-Day Rest, The Topper Girls are Ready

Paulina Feitelberg

Staff Reporter
January 16, 2014
The Durfee girls' basketball team isn't just hungry; they're starving. It has officially been a month since high school basketball season has started and almost every team in Massachusetts is half way through their season. Except for the Durfee girls' team, that is. While all of their opponents are preparing for their 10th11th, or even 12th game of the season this upcoming Friday, the Topper girls are focusing on playing their 6th.
After a tough win against a gritty Taunton Tigers team on December 27, 2013, the girls have been at a standstill. They haven't played a single game in 2014 and come Friday, it will have been 21 days since their last match, but don't let these statistics fool you. The girls are hungrier than ever.
There have been games scheduled for the girls' to play in between these 21 days, however, they keep getting postponed. After the match against the Somerset Raiders was postponed twice this season, the girls were more than anxious to get on the court and add another win to their record. But just their luck, the game was canceled for a third time due to a leak in the Raiders' gymnasium. At this point, the Topper girls can't even get mad about it. They laugh it off and get focused during practice.
After enduring quite possibly the toughest week Durfee will go through, due to the passing of a former classmate, teammate, and friend, the girls can't wait to get on the court and get their minds off of it all. Durfee continues to prepare for their next game, as long as it doesn't get postponed, against Big 3 rival New Bedford. The girls will ship up to their court this Friday at seven, the 17th, to play their first league game. 
The Durfee girls are 3-2 so far this season and are looking forward to getting back on the court and finding their way back to the tournament.