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Field Hockey Ties Westport

Jane O'Brien '15

Staff Reporter

October 11, 2013


On Thursday, October 3, the Westport varsity field hockey team played against Durfee for the second time during the 2013 season. The Wildcats had previously beaten the Toppers in a close 1-0 game in September.


Despite their record, Durfee’s head coach, Nicole Henrique, has stayed positive throughout the season. On September 17, the Durfee team visited Westport and lost in a grueling, fast paced game.“We worked very hard and did not give up until the last whistle. Our skills continue to get better as the season goes on and we will continue to give our all for the rest of the year,” said Henrique. The team was not ready to quit yet.


The Toppers went into the October 3 game with their heads held high and the refusal to quit. As the team chanted their annual Durfee cheers, they hoped to instill a sense of fear in the opposing team. “It pumps us up and gets us excited to play the game," said defensive player Samantha Pacheco-Fernandes.

Durfee held Westport 0-0 the entire game, resulting in the first tie of the season for Durfee. “We didn’t give up and that’ is all that matters. We can keep our heads held high and walk off the field knowing that we played our hearts out,” said Cheyenne Quintal.

Although the field hockey team’s record does not reflect their skill and effort, this tie was a turning point in the season. The team hopes to finish out the season strong and be able to look back on the 2013 season without regret.