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Numbers Are Low, But Spirits Are High 

Danielle MacDonald '14

Staff Reporter

September 18, 2013


If it’s not one thing, it’s another for the Durfee Swim Team. After a year of having no home pool, we are back in action, however, we’re lacking a significant amount of people for our team. 

Numbers are low this year after the Class of 2013 graduated. Besides losing six seniors we had very few freshmen join the team and girls to fill their spots were scarce. As the season began we had girls who had started the year off strong leave the team which made things even more difficult for us. 

Going into practice each day knowing that every single girl is important to this team and is forced to work harder than ever takes a toll on the team’s mental strength. Having more girls on the team would help to ease the stress when to comes to competing.


As of right now we are worried about holding onto our Big Three title. My team and I are  putting in every effort we can to work together and conquer our goal. Long hours of hard work and longer sets are getting us prepared to face our biggest challenge; the lack of teammates to fill the spots in the empty races. 

Not being prepared, we were forced to reschedule our first meet to the following week. We now only have one meet left before our two biggest meets of the season which are New Bedford and Brockton. We’re keeping our heads up and holding high spirits about it all. With all the struggles we’ve already been facing, being a captain and a senior who’s swimming for the last time, all I can hope for is to win yet another Big Three title after continuous years of obtaining it. 


Looking at the other sports teams however, it seems as though we are not the only team with small numbers. Participation in sports this year has been exceedingly low due to a large number of seniors leaving this past year. All of the teams are fighting strong to keep their wins high and teams together.