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Inspiring Start Ends in Vain
Paulina Feitelberg '14
Staff Reporter
April 2, 2013


The Durfee Boys Baseball team shipped off to Bishop Feehan for the start of the season on Monday, April 1. When the boys walked off the bus, they knew that Feehan was in for a rude awakening. They had been preparing for this game ever since they missed making the state tournament last year by a hair.


The ball was being hit left and right. And just like that, the boys went up 3-1 after John Bonanca hit a home-run. The boys were on their way to a win and the start of a great season. Then it was as if Mother Nature was playing an April Fools joke on the Toppers. The rain started pouring from the sky and the game could no longer go on. The umpires made a decision to postpone the game until a later date when the rain was cleared up. 


Unfortunately for our boys, the game had not yet reached the fourth inning, so it will be completely erased and they will have to start over. The home-run, the hits, and all the runs in the game are all washed away by the rain. But that's just incentive for the boys to work even harder the next time they face Feehan and all the games to follow.