Toppers Boxed Out

Bailey Brooks '13
Staff Reporter
January 16, 2013

Friday night at the Luke Urban Field House the Durfee Boys Basketball team was defeated by a very talented Brockton Boxers team. The Boxers played as if they did not know how to miss, as they scored eight three pointers in the first quarter alone. It didn't help that the Hilltoppers came out slow and could not make a shot against the quick Boxers team. After one quarter alone the score was 26-8. 


As the game continued it just kept going downhill for the Toppers. The score at the half was 40-12, and at the end of third 66-23. Brockton senior guard Ian Wade scored a game-high 18 points on six 3-pointers. Four of those 3's were in the first quarter.


Durfee knew what to expect, but that didn't matter as the Boxers overpowered them in every aspect. The game ended with a score of 75-34. Rey Perez and Chris Chardon both scored eight points for Durfee.


On the positive, the Durfee team is still very young and work hard everyday. They are looking to improve, and so far they have done just that compared to their previous record of 3-17. This year the boys have already won those 3 games, and are looking to put a few more wins in their back pocket. 


Don't count Durfee down and out because they will soon be back in action.