Girls Basketball Ready to Hoop it Up

Nathan Carvalho '13
Staff Reporter
December 5, 2012

Fall is coming to a close, which means that it is time for shopping, carol singing, and most importantly, basketball season. Last season, the girls' basketball team pranced their way into the state tournament and just came up short against North Quincy in the first round. With that loss came the loss of six seniors as well, including two key starters, Rachael Camara and Chelsea Campellone.

Coming into the 2012-13 season, the Durfee girls hope to accomplish three main goals the team has set for themselves. "We want to win the Big 3, make the State Tournament, and get more wins than last season. Thirteen is our number for this year and I know these girls can get there with a little bit of hard work and dedication," said Coach Brendan Kelly. The Hilltoppers have high expectations for this season, and the 14 girls on the squad hope to do nothing less than impress.

Durfee is led this year by senior captains Bailey Brooks and Tara McCann. Brooks, who had a phenomenal soccer season, hopes to keep the fire going in basketball. This is the third year for McCann and Brooks on varsity.

Alongside those two are many potential starters. Junior Paulina Feitelberg will be playing an important role in the Toppers' team this season. Brianna Camara, who was on varsity as a freshman last year, is keeping the Camara family name alive as she tries to fill the shoes left behind by her sister.

Durfee has a couple tricks up their sleeve this year, with sophomores Janessa Camara and J'lynn Jackson being two key wild cards that opponents will have to watch out for. Durfee's three other seniors Drew Guay, Mackenzie Crumley, and Toni-Marie Migliore could make the difference needed to advance far into the tournament this year.

Carson Moreira and Gaelen Riley are other juniors on the team, and sophomores Molli Fellows and Kaitlyn Remy could squeeze into the play. A bit of a shocker this season is the addition of two freshman to the Varsity squad. Nicole Emsley is a good shooter and could help out the team from behind the foul line.

The other freshman is Jordyn Gauvin, who adds a bit of height to the Durfee team, and is a good shooter as well. Durfee is spending the remainder of their week strengthening their squad and getting their game plan together. The Hilltoppers open their campaign next Friday night at home against Bridgewater-Raynham.