Brockton Boxers Beat Durfee
Spencer Borden '13
Staff Reporter
October 23, 2012

The first of two Big Three games for the Durfee varsity football team took place last Friday against the Brockton Boxers at the Mac Aldrich Field. Unfortunately, the Hilltoppers faced their worst defeat of the season, 50-0.
The game started with Durfee receiving the kickoff, but only three plays later, the punt team was on the field. The Boxers managed to block the punt, the first time all season that Durfee had a punt blocked. With great field position, Brockton was able to score quickly to get seven points on the board.

On the next drive, the Toppers made their way from their own 26-yard line to the Boxer’s 24. On fourth down with yards to go, Durfee fumbled on the center to quarterback exchange, giving the ball back to the Boxers. Brockton pounced on the opportunity and put seven more points on the board.

This trend continued for the entire game, Durfee would make progress and advance downfield however, they would end up shooting themselves in the foot and giving the ball back to the Boxers. Then once Brockton got the ball they would move downfield and score. Durfee had only forced Brockton to punt twice, both times in the second half. It appeared that the Toppers were going to avoid being shut-out when Travellis Oliver connected with senior captain Spencer Borden on a 30-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, however a personal foul brought it back.

The next Topper game will be home again, Friday, October 26 against the undefeated Somerset Blue Raiders.