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Captain Profile: Trey Davidson

Jeff Daddona '11
Sports Editor
November 19, 2010

Q) Name?

A) Trey Davidson

Q) Position?
A) Offense: Right Guard and Defense: Defensive End

Q) How long have you played football?

A) Four years.

Q) How long at Durfee?
A) All four years.

Q) How has being a captain affected how you act on and off the field?
A) Being a captain has made me more responsible and it has made me think twice about my actions and some of the things that I say, because you never know who is watching. 

Q) Do you have a pre-game ritual? If yes, what is it?

A) Yes, I have a pre-game nap that I take before every game.

Q) Who is one of your role models? (Professional and Non-professional) Why?
A) My professional role model is Derek Jeter. I have watched him play baseball since I was five. I like the way he plays and how he conducts himself on and off the field. My non-professional role model is my mom for everything she has done for me.

Q) What advice can you give to the underclassmen for their future years of football?

A) Don't take them for granted because one day they're going to end and you can't go back and do it again.

Q) Do you plan on playing college football? If yes, where?
A) Yes, either at Sacred Heart University or at Bridgewater State University.

Q) What is your best Durfee Football memory?

A) My best Durfee Football memory was this year when I guarded Miami University prospect Albert Jean Louis. This was the biggest challenge I've ever had wearing a Durfee Football jersey.

Q) What is your prediction for the Thanksgiving Game?

A) I predict a fight and a war, but we will win. I promise nothing less than a victory.