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Hockey Falls to Bishop Stang

Nicole Resendes '12
Staff Reporter
January 3, 2012

The Durfee High School Varsity Hockey team (0-3) played in their fourth game of the season against Bishop Stang on Wednesday, December 21. Unfortunately for Durfee, the game ended in a score of 4-0, with Stang coming out on top.
The teams face off at the start of the game.
-Hilltop file photo
The starting lineup consisted of seniors Alan Pontes, Aj Darosa, and Ryan Nester, along with seniors Bryan Silva and Tyler Lima on defense for the Toppers.  The team was led by starting goaltender junior Ryan Levasseur.

From the start the boys looked like they had a quick game going.  It remained scoreless for about a third of the first period with equal puck possession for both teams.

Levasseur was solid in net for the Toppers.  However a tricky bounce helped out Stang, allowing them to take the lead with 8:39 left to play in the first.  Luckily for Stang that was not the only goal they scored in the first period.  They managed to slide one by Levasseur with only six seconds remaining in the period to extend their lead by two goals.  

During the second period, the Hilltoppers went out on the ice with physicality and made some amazing defensive plays.  They had a number of breakaways but just could not capitalize on the scoring chances they made for themselves.  The only goal that was allowed in that period was a four on four goal that came with only ten seconds left to play.  Stang had the lead 3-0 heading into the third.
Even though the Toppers were playing fairly well the negatives just outweighed the positives.  The team spent the majority of the last period in their own zone trying to clear the puck but just could not get it done.  Stang’s fore-check was too hard to get by and Durfee could not cross the blue line cleanly.  The Toppers also had their share of odd man plays, but they could not capitalize on them.  
Goaltender Ryan Levasseur came up with some outstanding stops for the Toppers but it wasn’t enough for the win, the offense was just not there for the team.  

“We are getting better but there are things that we need to work on like putting the puck in the net,” said Levasseur.  

The Hilltoppers have the defense and the offense that it takes to win hockey games.  They just need to find it and execute it well.  They are currently 0-4.