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Daddona leaves his mark

Brenna Riley '12
Student Life Editor
May 19, 2011

On April 29, Jeff Daddona, a senior at Durfee High School, became the first student-athlete at his school to get 1,000 assists in his high school volleyball career. As a four-time varsity player and captain of the team, Daddona is proud of what he and his team have accomplished throughout the season.
Daddona has been an important piece to the team's success and his accomplishments as a player have benefited his team throughout his four years playing. Going into this season, Daddona was determined to make his 1,000 assists, but when it happened it took him by surprise.
"I didn't know when it was going to happen and it was a shock when I found out, but it's a huge accomplishment for me," said Daddona.
This season is Daddona's last opportunity to obtain a State championship, and although he finds it hard to believe he is almost done, he is determined to continue to work hard towards his team's goal of going deep into the tournament.
"It's weird that I only have a couple of games left and then I'm done with volleyball. It hasn't hit me yet that it's almost over."
Daddona is also very optimistic about the future of his team as they enter the State Tournament.
"This is the best shot we have to make a run in the tournament out of all the years I've played here," said Daddona.
Boys' volleyball is one of the newest sports at Durfee, having only been around for the last fourteen years. This year's team has been one of the strongest teams to play for Durfee. The Durfee Hilltoppers ended their regular season with a record of 13-5, and will play their first State tournament game on May 19 against Quincy High School.