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Connecting Cultures
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Students Speak Out:

How do you feel about the new advisory period?

Sierra Bernardo '17
Samantha Whitehead '16
Staff Reporters
October 9, 2015


"I like advisory because student government is together and we can check in with each other throughout the week." - Julia Karam '16 "I like advisory, I think it's going to be useful, I'm with Mrs. Fogarty, she's a good contact to have." - Madison Coogan '16

"I liked it because Mrs. Tracy is wicked cool." - Rowan West '16 (pictured on right)

"I like it because I'm with a teacher I feel comfortable with." - Kalyn Massa '16 (pictured on left)

"It's really short and it's alright, it's alright." - Jalen Soares '17
"I think advisory is the dumbest thing we have invented because it's just so foolish." - Cody Smith '16 "I honestly don't see the point of advisory, because I pretty much have the same class 3 periods in a row, because I'm with the same people, there's no point to it." - Ethan Linhares '16