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Don’t Bite From The Hand That Feeds

Shelbie Souza’15

Staff Reporter

April 8, 2015


Here at Durfee, there have been very few incidents of harassment and violence towards teachers or other education personnel. Though there are  exceptions to this, students here are mostly respectful to the adults and listen to them. 


Lately, I have seen disturbing behavior towards the lunch ladies and those who work in our cafeteria. On multiple occasions within the last few months, I have witnessed students talking back to lunch ladies, swearing at them, and even throwing fruit at them in attempts to embarrass them and almost to injure them. This behavior is appalling.

Not to be disrespectful towards our lunch ladies, but a majority of them are older women, around retirement age. They are responsible for cleaning the cafeteria, making our lunches, and serving the students. They are not here to be our parents.

What makes a student have the nerve to disrespect a lunch lady, and not a teacher? Would you treat your parents, grandparents or other adults in your life that terribly?

I do not know if the lunch ladies have brought this to the attention of vice principals, security guards, or our police officers, but their safety should be the school’s priority. If they do not have a voice in all this, I will shed light on the situation.

I have seen our lunch staff crying after embarrassment from such students with this behavior. Many may think that working as a lunch lady is an easy job, but it is not. They serve our whole school population, at 20 minute intervals. They have to be as efficient as possible. I give them so much credit for all the work they put in for our community and Durfee as a whole.