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Ice Skating Into School

Jenna Vieira ‘15
Staff Reporter
March 16, 2015

Though spring is around the corner, it does not seem like it here at Durfee High School. There is still ice on the ground as April approaches. Students have found it rather difficult to walk into school lately.

What would normally be an easy three minute walk into school has become a more than five minute ordeal. Small steps are a must to lessen the risk of slipping and falling.


The ground walking into the West Main Entrance and the Field House Entrance are layered with a thin sheet of ice. Put on a pair of ice skates and it would become an outdoor ice skating rink!

Was there a shortage of salt that was provided to properly cover the ice that would make the travel to school safer? There were very few areas that were thoroughly covered enough for students and staff to walk comfortably.

Student safety was in jeopardy for those walking down the West Main Entrance hill. Students were holding onto each other to keep steady. Ms. Como, a substitute teacher said, “Me and a few other subs were waddling like penguins walking in."


Senior, Jacob Menard resonated the crazy way to get into school as well, “I should have brought a sled and rode my way into school,” said Menard.


At this point we are all waiting for the warmer weather to come and wipe out all the snow. The only thing on our minds is the start of fun in the sun! Hopefully, next winter the school grounds will be cleared of all the leftover ice.