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Students Speak Out on School Safety 
Kelsey Rodrigues
Opinion & Student Life Editor
January 16, 2015

As schools across the country modify their security policies as a result of the numerous tragedies in recent years, Fall River Public Schools are welcoming 2015 with an array of new regulations and practices to ensure student safety. Beginning February 1st, visible identification cards will be mandatory for Durfee students and faculty at all times. Additionally, the school has begun ALICE training, a procedure that advocates for a proactive response to intruders in the building and is meant to minimize the amount of casualties. 

Below, students share their views on current safety standards at the school and their hopes for the future. 

"I think they're terrible at addressing the problems we have and some students are targeted because of their differences, which can lead to more conflict." -O'sha Morrise '19 "I think the new modifications regarding ALICE are definitely a step forward, however, in regards to fire safety and other emergency situations, the lack of organization and order does pose certain risks to the safety of the student body ." -Brendan Pacheco '15
"I definitely feel safe. I think security, teachers, and administration do a great job keeping us informed and really do all they can to keep us safe." -Claudia Cabral '17 "I don't feel safe because there's a lot of violence and fights. I think they should be stricter in combating bullying, punishing students who break the rules, and addressing issues among students." -Sara Costa '18
"I always feel very safe at Durfee from forces in and outside of the school. I think communication could be improved to keep students better informed though, especially whether or not its a drill or a legitimately dangerous situation." -Brianna Raposo '15 "I feel safe here all the time. I'm not scared to come to school." -David Lapointe '16