Homecoming Food Lessens the Mood


Shelbie Souza ’15

Staff Reporter

December 8, 2014

After the fall football season, everyone thinks about homecoming. "Who will the homecoming king and queen be?", "What music will play, and what will the food be?", are among the many questions Hilltoppers ask as the special night approaches. Every year, homecoming tickets have risen in price from $25 to now $33. In past years I have heard students complain about various elements of the dance. Despite the yearly complaints, the set up remains relatively the same each time.

Senior Chelsea Pacheco says she'd like a change in the food. "For all four years I've attended Durfee High, they have served the same meal. It is always chicken strips and mashed potatoes." Pacheco feels that if they want to serve finger foods, side combinations should match the quality of the food. For instance, if Whites continues to serve chicken strips, they should serve a side of French fries.

Madison Reis, also a senior, feels similarly. "Food and atmosphere is the biggest concerns I have," Reis says. "They need to have options for those who have allergies, and manage time. Too much time was spent on dinner, and I would enjoy to dance more."

In my personal opinion, the food at homecoming was terrible. Though I enjoyed my last homecoming with my friends, as well as being a candidate, I wished the music was more current and that we had more structure and time to dance. Despite being a senior, I hope that this experience can improve for future classes, as it is a cherished time of a teenagers life. Let this be a message to the homecoming committee that Durfee students want change; if they will be paying good money for tickets, they should get what they pay for.