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Durfee Expands Program Blocking 
Caroline Batista '15
Staff Reporter
November 7, 2014 
Everyday students bring laptops, IPads and IPhones to become more efficient in their studies. Technology has the ability to increase productivity, accuracy, and promotes organization. The world we live in today is almost fully dependent on the use of technology. Recently administrators further expanded the restrictions on social media and streaming content. In the name of education, Durfee High school claims to be a 21 century school however limitations of this variety prevents student from exploring the modern day media.

Durfee web filters have blocked all forms social media.

                      -Courtesy of google.com

Websites such as Netflix, Spotify, Vimeo have been blocked under the new Durfee internet agreement.
Teachers and students use Netflix to view documentaries in order to enrich their learning experience. Though the administration believes expulsion of Netflix will keep students more on task, the use of Netflix is prohibited during class time and studies. "The thought of being on Netflix during class never even crossed my mind, it is disrespectful and I need to stay focused" says junior Megan Soares.
Although Spotify seems an absurd violation to counter argue, many students find the easiest way to stay focused during studies is through the use of music. "I can never concentrate without listening to some type of music," says senior Jane O'Brien. In this day an age more often than not will you find a student listening to music as they work.
Prior to the beginning of the school day, the morning announcements are filmed in the Fred TV studio. The morning show is then posted on the school website via Vimeo for those students who were unable to listen to them. "Some classes that I am in do not have speakers and the ones that do have a low volume. I usually would go on my laptop and watch the morning announcements, but I am now unable to do so due to the new policy," said senior Keegan Murphy.
The administration believes that they are preparing us for college and the life ahead, however technology has now become an essential aspect of that. Therefore, I believe they are only shielding us from the outside world.