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The Actual Fault in Our Stars


Alexis Mota ‘16


Staff Reporter


October 29 2014

The well-known novel “The Fault In Our Stars”, written by John Green, hit theaters on June 6 of this previous summer. Even though the movie was enjoyable and sentimental, I personally feel as though the production team could have made the movie more similar to the book.

The Fault In Our Stars is a novel about a teenage girl who has thyroid cancer and has no real sense of happiness.That is, until, she meets Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. Augustus was cancer free a number of years until he was tragically re-diagnosed. Throughout the book, the love of Augustus and Hazel developed while they spend their days together until the death of Augustus.

                         -Courtesy of IMBD.com

The book was romantic, humorous, as well as tragic.

Another heart breaking scene not shown in the movie would be Augustus’ cancer finally becoming a harsh reality when he wet the bed while lying with Hazel in his own bed. If this part was included, the viewers would be able to witness how harsh and quick Augustus' cancer came back. For someone like myself, who read the book more than twice, every little detail counts. An important part that was missing was the presence of Augustus' ex girlfriend who died of brain cancer, Caroline Mathers. Not only did she not make an appearance in the movie but she simply did not exist.

Finally, a tragic scene in both the movie and the book is when Augustus drove himself to the gas station and had a melt down. While reading the book this scene ripped me to shreds, however while watching the movie this scene did not have the same effect on me. I feel as though in the film the gas station incident was rushed and not given as much thought as it deserved.

Although there were plenty of missing details in the movie that were present in the book, the movie was overall entertaining, engaging, and it is understandable that not every single detail can be present in a 125 minute time frame, however if these missing parts were included in the film it would have had a completely different outlook on the viewers.