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Durfee Runs on Dunkin
Brianna Camara '15
Sports Editor
October 27, 2014

Students have been voicing their opinions about the new coffee policy. Administration has banned all Dunkin Donuts and any other type of caffeinated drinks. Here, Durfee students make their opinions known.

"Students should be allowed to drink coffee because it helps them wake up in the morning." -Chan Keo '15 "Students should be allowed to drink what they want. Coffee makes students more alert and less sleepy." -Tom Martin '15
"If teachers are allowed to drink coffee, so should students. There are more problems in the school besides students drinking coffee." - Thao Le '15 "If we can drink water, we should be allowed to drink coffee.." -Kristine Rego '15
"The coffee policy doesn't really affect me." - John-Paul McDonald '17 "My coffee helps me get through the day." -Mychaela Ponte '16